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Our Reception will suggest you excursions and activities depending on what you like and tours to the volcano, the Hot Springs, Thirasia and Oia with the most beautiful sunset in the world. You can try riding lessons near the shore, scuba diving trips, snorkeling trips and Greek nights with food. For those wishing to discover alone the beauties of Santorini, we suggest renting, a moped, a car, a quarter bike etc.

Mini guide

day trip to the volcano
You can take a day trip to the volcano by boat from Gialos (the old port of Fira),Athinios port, or Ammoudi, near Oia. The boat will take you first to Nea Kameni (the volcano) where you can walk to the rim of the volcanic crater. The boat will then take you to Palaia Kameni and the thermal springs. The captain will drop anchor in the shallows, where you can take a swim. The waters are yellowish and five degrees hotter than the rest of the sea. Soon after that, you will arrive at the picturesque islet of Therassia. In the afternoon, the boat will sail along the impressive Caldera passing below Oia.

villages built on the Caldera rim
All the villages of the Caldera are impressive and each one has its own "personality".Fira is the largest settlement and the capital of Thera. Clothing and accessories shops, jewelry stores, galleries, gift shops, super markets, groceries, banks and ATMs, pharmacies, bars, clubs, restaurants, travel agencies, are located in the capital. Here you will also find some of the most important museums of the island.
The walk from Fira to Firostefani through the old cobblestone path is the best way to visit this picturesque settlement, enjoying the magnificent view.
Imerovigli (or Merovigli) is a linear settlement which was developed on the edge of the cliff along the Caldera, at its highest point, so it offers really impressive view to the volcano.
Oia is the most romantic destination. It is famous all over the world for the magnificent sunset visitors enjoy from the Goulas (watch tower) of Aghios (St) Nikolaos castle. Walking around you will admire the carved-in buildings and the so called captains' houses ("kapetanospita"). In recent years the buildings of the picturesque village have become hotels, restaurants, cafes, galleries, stores.

prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri
The most prominent archaeological site in Santorini -and one of the most important in the Aegean Sea- is the Prehistoric settlement that was discovered in the area of Akrotiri. After several years, the archaeological site re-opened for the visitors since April 2012, after the new roof was in place.

discover the ancient Thera
The view from up there is amazing. Ancient Thera stands on Mesa Vouno, at an altitude of 396 m. It was founded in the 9th century BC by Dorian settlers, led by Theras. Building remnants belong to the Hellenistic era, which is the last period of the city's prosperity. The residential development is amphitheatrical due to the inclination of the terrain.

If you would like to live a true experience in Santorini, walking will worth your while! Even in mid-summer you will see people of any age walking early in the morning or at dusk, not only in the Caldera, but in other areas of the island as well. We suggest the following hiking trails: Fira-Firostefani-Imerovigli-Oia, ancient Thera-Perissa and Prophet Elias-ancient Thera.

sailing around the Caldera
Admired from the inside of the Caldera, the views of Santorini will be a memorable experience. Even if you arrive on the island by ferry or cruise ship in the afternoon, this awe-inspiring land will leave you speechless. The sunset light adds more color to the scene and you will have the feeling that you are sailing across the centre of the crater. You can rent a boat with your friends and enjoy a private tour.

pyrgos and the medieval castle
Medieval Santorini comes to life in Pyrgos. Built at the foot of Prophet Elias, the village stands out from a distance. Pyrgos' castle (Kasteli) was one of the five castles built by the Venetians during the 15th century. You can tour around admiring the old churches, the mansions and the houses built in the traditional architecture.

villages of the hinterland
Akrotiri settlement and its Goulas. Vothonas and Karterados, where you can seerock-hewn houses and old churches. Emporio and the medieval Kasteli which is very well preserved. Episkopi Gonia and the Byzantine church of Panagia Episkopi.Exo Gonia offering wonderful view to the Aegean Sea. Megalohori village where you can see old mansions and churches. Finikia, the picturesque village near Oia, filled with old wineries called kanaves: All these villages and their attractions await for you in the hinterland of Santorini.

This is the realm of volcanic rocks in awe-inspiring shapes and colors. The beaches on the east and north side of the island offer, sun beds and umbrellas, beach bars, canteens, sea sports, restaurants and many more. Visit Perivolos, Perissa, Kamari, Vlychada,Monolithos, Kokkini (Red) and Aspri (White) beach. If you want more privacy you may go to the more isolated ones such as Kantharos, Almyra, Exo Gialos, Gialos, Balos,Mesa Pigadia, Pori, Culumbos, Baxedes-Paradeisos.

The most important museums of the island are situated in Fira. It is the museum ofPrehistoric Thera and the archaeological museum. You can also pay a visit toSantozeum in order to admire the reproductions of the Akrotiri wall paintings. In Oia there is the Maritime museum. In Pyrgos the Ecclesiastical Collection and the Cultural Village "Santorini of the past". In Kontohori, near Fira, you can visit the Folk museum of Emm. Lignos.

Lined one after the other, bent down low to avoid the strong winds, the vines of Santorini have an age-long history. The volcanic soil has worked its miracle and the island's wineries their own, offering better quality and more labels each year. Among others there is the famous Vinsanto, the award-winning sweat wine which is being mentioned by foreign travellers on the island since the 19th century. To taste the local wines you can visit thewineries all over Thera.

tasty local products
The products of the volcanic soil are delicious. Try the dry cherry tomato, called anydro (waterless), split peas (fava), caper, white eggplant, katsouni (a kind of small cucumber), and dishes from the traditional cuisine –such as tomato balls (pseftokeftedes).